Work Conditioning

After an injured worker meets established goals via physical therapy, they may still have functional deficits that affect their ability to return to work. Work conditioning bridges the gap between rehabilitation and return to work by providing a higher level of therapeutic intervention. It consists of a full-body, intensive conditioning program that focuses on strengthening and functional training with work simulation activities. That training takes place in multi-hour sessions five days a week, for up to three months. It gradually increases the intensity to those to which the worker was accustomed prior to the injury. This minimizes the risk of re-injury when they transition back to their job and helps with the worker's long-term productivity.

We understand the complex and dynamic relationship between the worker, environment and occupation, as well as his/her ability to address performance barriers. This is why we are uniquely qualified to evaluate and provide work conditioning interventions that are tailored to each injured worker's needs, while minimizing the cost to employers and reducing the risk of reinjury.

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